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Grades 9-12

Food and Agriculture unit

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SUBJECTS: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

TOPICS: Agriculture, Food & Hunger, Land Use

Resource Overview

Thematic unit for the high school classroom on food issues and agriculture.

Includes teaching materials covering food security, agricultural footprint, diet, food waste, climate change impacts on farmland, and regional variations in food availability and access.

Features of This Resource

  • Unit includes 2 lesson plans, 2 case study readings, and 1 background reading.
  • Lesson guides students to create an evidence-based action plan on food-related issues.
  • Scientific and social perspectives of agriculture.

Unit Lesson Plans & Readings

The following are included with the purchase of the unit:

Lesson Plans

Earth: The Apple of Our Eye (high school)

- An apple is sliced into pieces to model the current amount of agricultural land on Earth. Then students read an...

Good News, Bad News

- Students decide whether given statements on population growth and food issues are “good news” or “bad news” and design an...


Buzzing About Bees: The Mystery of Pollinator Decline

- Food and Agriculture case study reading: How are pollinators critical to our food supply, and why are their populations threatened?

Feeding 10 Billion

- Food and Agriculture background reading: Feeding an expanding global population and battling malnutrition among the world’s poor are challenges, especially...

Farming in the City: A Crop of Urban Gardening Projects

- Food and Agriculture case study reading: A profile of some innovative urban gardening projects – like farming at baseball parks.

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