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Grades 9-12

Oceans unit

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SUBJECTS: Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

TOPICS: Oceans, Water Pollution

Resource Overview

Thematic unit for the high school classroom on ocean health.

Includes teaching materials on current and past ocean management as well as human impacts on the oceans including overfishing, pollution, warming/acidification, and coral reef destruction.

Features of This Resource

  • Unit includes 2 lesson plans, 1 case study readings, and 1 background reading.
  • STEM lab activity utilizes the engineering design process.
  • Great lesson for teaching industrialization through the perspective of ocean health.

Unit Lesson Plans & Readings

The following are included with the purchase of the unit:


Code Blue: Endangered Oceans

- As the instructor reads a historic story, students add and extract items from a model ocean based on real-world events.

Drop in the Ocean

- A visual demonstration models the limited ocean area where most ocean life is found, followed by a discussion and research...

Like Oil and Water

- Students use the engineering design process to create and test prototypes for cleaning up oil spills. Students will be able...


Oceans of Problems for the Blue Planet

- Oceans background reading: Take a closer look at the largest habitat on Earth and see the impact of humans’ demands...

The Bluefin Tuna: Overfishing Takes a Toll

- Oceans case study reading: Overfishing of tuna to satiate fish and sushi eaters worldwide has caused all three species of...

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