6-8, 9-12

World of 7 Billion website

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SUBJECTS: Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

Home to the annual ‘World of 7 Billion’ student video contest. The contest challenges students to create a short video that connects human population growth with one other global topic, and offer their idea for a sustainable solution. Thousands of students from around the world participate every year, developing 21st century skills and tackling real-world challenges in the process.

The site also offers many teacher-friendly activities, ideas of school-wide events, and readings. Resources are classroom-ready and will get your students to actively engage in some of today’s most pressing challenges such as climate change mitigation, sustainable resource use, and ensuring economic opportunities for all.

Features of This Resource

  • Student contest winners receive up to $1,000 in prize money
  • Lessons plans are provided that cover the contest topics, making for easy classroom implementation
  • Library of past student videos are fun and inspiring for peers to watch

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