Teaching the SDGs: PopEd’s Spring Theme

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are becoming more of a household (and classroom!) name. From the time the global goals were announced in 2015, mentions of the SDGs in media sources has been on a steady incline, jumping from around 20,000 mentions in 2015 to nearly 140,000 in 2021. This increase in awareness is good news for both people and the planet. The SDGs lay out guideposts for tackling environmental, social and economic challenges on a global scale. They were designed as a call-to-action to unite nations around the world with the mission of promoting peace, prosperity, and environmental sustainability. Now 7 years since their creation and only 8 years until 2030 when the Goals are hoped to be reached, propping up the goals is more important than ever.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) icon grid

Teaching the SDGs with Free PopEd Lessons

Teaching about the UN SDGs is a natural fit for teachers of all grades who strive to develop eco-minded global citizens – students who will be inspired to be change-makers in the years ahead. But figuring out how exactly to integrate the global goals into the classroom can feel daunting. With 17 different goals, ranging from “zero hunger” to “industry, innovation and infrastructure,” and 169 different sub targets, there’s a lot to cover. Not to mention the crammed and standards-driven schedules that dictate the day to day lives of educators.

That’s where we come in. PopEd’s standards aligned activities are a natural fit for teaching the SDGs and this spring, we’ll be sharing the best PopEd lessons for teaching about the global goals in K-12 classrooms. Follow along on Facebook or Twitter for free weekly classroom resources.
As always, we’ll host a free webinar with live demonstrations of lessons that have explicit connections to the SDGs. The webinar will be designed for secondary level teachers and be held on Tuesday April 12, 2022. Register today for a fun-filled and interactive hour full of classroom resources (and walk away with access to an entire lesson plan library)!

Here’s what you’ll see on our social accounts this spring:

14 innovative and standards-aligned lesson plans that connect to specific SDGs, like this one covering SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production and this one covering SDG 3 Good Health and Well-Being

7 blogs exploring questions like what is actually achievable by 2030, how individuals can support the SDGs, and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional online resources to support the inclusion of SDGs in your classroom – whether you teach Kindergarten or 12th grade, we’ll share resources (like this great SDG themed podcast!) to enhance your teaching of this critical topic.

Together, we can continue the upward trajectory of SDG awareness and nudge the world forward on a path toward sustainability. Join us! Your students and the planet will thank you.


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