“Reaching Higher” and “Letting Girls Learn” Michelle Obama on Continuing the Fight for Global Education Expansion

In her recent Vogue cover story, the First Lady and “mother in chief,” Michelle Obama discusses her fight to expand worldwide education access over the past eight years and the future of her legacy.

Classroom Filmmaking: 5 Exciting Ways to Teach Global Issues Using 21st Century Skills

Technology integration is a hot topic in the field of education. In today’s modern job market, it is imperative that students graduate high school with certain competencies in computer literacy. Digital project based learning activities give students fun and stimulating avenues for developing 21st Century skills in research, writing, creative thinking, and editing.

Gifts that Keep on Giving

In this season of goodwill, there is no better gift than helping a child get a great start in life with an education. An education opens a world of opportunities to end cycles of poverty and improve public health. This is really the gift that keeps on giving because an educated society is economically productive, healthier and more civic-minded. Fortunately, there are some excellent organizations, both in the U.S. and abroad, that would put your holiday donation to good use. Here are a few to consider.


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