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Most Valuable Trainer 2017: Jeanne Tunks

We are happy to announce Jeanne Tunks as the 2017 Most Valuable Trainer! Jeanne is currently a professor at the… Read more »

6 Common Recycling Myths Debunked

Our large and increasing human population generates an incredible amount of waste that greatly impacts the environment and public health… Read more »

7 must-read books for facing gender inequity, hunger, and pollution

The World of 7 Billion student video contest is back for the 2017-2018 school year, and this year’s topics are: Advancing Women… Read more »

How Many People Can Live on Earth? is a movie your students need to see

In a world with more than 7.5 billion people, human overcrowding and rampant population growth is evidently distressing Earth’s systems… Read more »

Pop Quiz: Singapore

Singapore is a small diamond-shaped island located in Southeast Asia. It is often referred to as the “Lion City” after… Read more »

Literacy in a Digital World: How Technology is Transforming Lives

As the internet transforms our lives and the way we interact with media, those who are unable to access technology… Read more »

How Digital Literacy Can Combat Fake News in Your Classroom

The term “fake news” has been thrown around more and more in the past year or so – both in… Read more »

How to Make an Award Winning Video: Style How-To’s and Free Software

Now that you’ve organized your research and ideas, it’s time to make some movie magic. First, check out these 15 Tips… Read more »

3 Ways to Help Save the Bees – Celebrating National Honey Bee Day

National Honey Bee Day is August 19th! Now more than ever, the vital role honey bees play in our national… Read more »

International Youth Day: 21 Young People are Fighting Climate Change

We are increasingly seeing the impacts of climate change around the world: rising sea levels, more severe weather events, prolonged… Read more »