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What is a Life Cycle Analysis and Why is it Useful?

Most of us are aware of the basics when it comes to watching our eco-footprints. It doesn’t take much to… Read more »

Contest Reading List: 12 books on Biodiversity, Resource Use, and Human Rights

The World of 7 Billion student video contest is back for the 2018-2019 school year! This year’s topics are: Preserving… Read more »

How to Build a Population Pyramid in Excel: Step-by-Step Guide

Making a population pyramid, or age-sex distribution graph, in Excel has never been easier than with this step-by-step guide that… Read more »

4 Ways to Reduce Back to School Shopping Waste

It’s that time of the year again when families travel in droves to department stores with checklists in hand to… Read more »

Benefits to Ocean Acidification? For Some Species, This Might Be True

Ocean acidification is concerning to say the least. As a result of climate change, the oceans have warmed at an… Read more »

Bugging out: Why You Should Consider Adding Crickets to your Diet

No, this is not an episode of Fear Factor, nor is this a dare that you lost to your best… Read more »

Can Probiotics Fight Climate Change?

The Microbiome and You If you’re reading this, you almost certainly consider yourself a human. However, less than half of… Read more »

World Population Day: A Family Planning Timeline

Every year on July 11, we observe World Population Day—a day set aside by the United Nations to focus on… Read more »

What is Responsible Consumerism? A Palm Oil Case Study

Walking through a supermarket, a pharmacy, or most any store, it is clear that we are embedded in a massive… Read more »

Pop Quiz: Russia

Russia has been in the media spotlight a lot lately. Most recently, because they’re hosting this year’s Fifa World Cup.… Read more »