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How do people around the world celebrate Earth Day?

Earth Day, celebrated on April 22nd every year, encourages people to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Since it began, nearly… Read more »

Earth Day Lesson Plans: 3 Unexpected Ways to Teach About Plastics

It can be overwhelming to consider the weight of plastic in our world. It feels like every day we hear… Read more »

3 Big Ideas for Cleaning Up the Plastic Mess in Earth’s Oceans

This year on Earth Day we are called to help end the widespread plastic pollution on our planet. This problem… Read more »

To Ban or Not to Ban: The Politics of Plastic Bag Laws

The theme of Earth Day 2018 is ending plastic pollution. By now most of us are aware of the detrimental… Read more »

The Plight of Earth’s Predators

Every winter when I was a kid, my family would visit my grandparents in the quiet town of Hillsdale, NY.… Read more »

A Woman’s Place Is In the (Fourth Industrial) Revolution

We usually talk about the Industrial Revolution as a single event that transformed human lives and history. Starting in the… Read more »

4 Environmentalist Presidents to Honor this President’s Day

Environmental protections are not policy priorities in the current White House, but this has not always been the case. Our… Read more »

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Choropleth Map in Google Spreadsheets

A choropleth map displays numerical data using a color gradient. This kind of map can quickly display how a particular… Read more »

When Bigger Isn’t Better: Expanding Access to Electricity with Microgrids

Our modern society is a thoroughly electric one. Maybe you’re using lights and appliances in the home, communicating instantly with… Read more »

Pop Quiz: Philippines

The Philippines is a mountainous country with low lying coastal regions. It was named in honor of King Phillip II… Read more »