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Data’s Dynamic Role in Student-Driven Service Learning

A group of Washington D.C. high school students are impacting their community by using real-world data to address a chronic… Read more »

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Announcing! The “World of 7 Billion” Student Video Contest Winners

It’s the day we’ve been waiting for all school year – the winners of the World of 7 Billion student… Read more »

The 3 Best Sources for Reliable Data Online and How to Use Them

There are currently 1.5 billion sites on the Internet. The sheer volume of content on the web is a glowing… Read more »

Researchers estimate it could take as much as three hours to get from Austin to Round Rock in 2035.

How are population pressures felt at the local level?

Even small fluctuations in population size can immensely impact local communities. And while population is still growing worldwide, rates of… Read more »

Best Data-Centric Lesson Plans for Earth Day 2019

Earth Day is next week, April 22nd. PopEd wants to help you make the most out of this teachable moment… Read more »

Graph of percentage of global population experiencing water scarcity over time

Focus on Real-world Data – This Month’s PopEd Theme

Population Education has a wealth of materials that use real-world data and teach critical analysis skills while also promoting meaningful… Read more »

How are students advocating for action on climate change?

Today’s youths are more worried about climate change than older generations, and more likely to believe that people with power… Read more »

5 Kid-Friendly Ideas for Teaching Climate Change in Elementary Grades

At PopEd, we often work with elementary educators who would like to teach issues surrounding climate change, but worry that… Read more »

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Why Climate Change Is Really About Social Justice

What is Climate Justice? Climate change is often framed in a way that emphasizes environmental impacts, but the reality is… Read more »

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Try This, Not That: Writing a Problem Question for Science Fair

Science fair can be an engaging and exciting chance for students to do some actual experiments and use the Scientific… Read more »