Some of Population Education’s most popular lessons, use a local example within the U.S. or compare various U.S. statistics to others around the globe. But with more and more teachers in Canada using PopEd lessons, we wanted to ensure the relevancy to Canadian students and teachers alike.

Download any of the lesson plans below for free. (More coming soon!)

Energy Imagery: Canada
Through guided imagery, students compare their energy use with that of an indigenous person in the past. Students will then determine easy ways to conserve energy in their homes and schools in order to lessen their impact on the environment.

Global Cents: Canada
Students develop budgets to meet the basic needs of a Canadian family and a family in Malawi (a country in Southeastern Africa). Then they create a daily budget for a Malawi family based on information found in a provided “day in the life” reading.

Pop Quiz: Canada
A pre-test/post-test quiz designed to give teachers and students an overview of world and Canadian population trends.

Power of the Pyramids: Canada
Students use real-world data to construct and interpret population pyramids and discuss differences in population growth rates among several different countries.

Take a Stand: Canada
Students articulate their thoughts on issues related to population and the environment, then research a specific issue and write a position paper using evidence to defend their stance.