Announcing the Winners: “World of 7 Billion” Student Video Contest

Eighteen middle and high school students were winners in the 8th annual World of 7 Billion video contest. Their videos explored how human population growth relates to three global challenges: Preserving Biodiversity, Sustainable Resource Use, and Protecting Human Rights.

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“I knew our population was growing but I didn’t know I could be a part of making things better. This project showed me how I can make changes and take actions that adults might listen to and start making waves.”
—Student filmmaker, Sugar Land, TX

Winning Videos: Preserving Biodiversity

High School
• 1st place: Ethan Xiong of Singapore for “Preserve Our Priceless Pollinators”
• 2nd place: Ali Ransom of Poolesville, MD for “Pollinators and the Human Population”
• Honorable Mention: Rana Duan of Sugar Land, TX for “The Threat of Outsiders”
• Honorable Mention: Lyssa Frank and Katie Jacomides of Austin, TX for “Flipper’s Dilemma”

Middle School
• 1st place: Ruby Ha of Teaneck, NJ for “In Your Backyard”
• 2nd place: Sydney Hopkin of Virginia Beach, VA for “The Ugly Truth About Receipts”

Winning Videos: Sustainable Resource Use

High School
• 1st place: Pitt Pongpittayapa and Kritin Vongthongsri of Bangkok, Thailand for “A Nanofuture”
• 2nd place: Ethan Xiong of Singapore for “Smart and Sustainable Fishing”
• Honorable Mention: Sophia DeSantis of Lafayette, CO for “The Pee-Cycling Alternative”
• Honorable Mention: Kevin Florio and Jake Florio of Bolyston, MA for “Single-Use Plastics”

Middle School
• 1st place: Honor Dodd of Los Angeles, CA for “Switch to Rechargeable”
• 2nd place: Winni Ye of Whitestone, NY for “Abuse to Re-use”

Winning Videos: Protecting Human Rights

High School
• 1st place: Jade Christman of Cumming, GA for “Women of Action”
• 2nd place: Lucy Barretto of Oakland, CA for “Barriers to Education: Menstrual Health”
• Honorable Mention: Jack Gasdia and Harper Colburn of Hudson, NH for “Stepping Toward a Freer World”
• Honorable Mention: Sarah Lee, Crystal Lim, and Rachel Hong of Seongnamsi, South Korea for “For a More Nurturing World”

Middle School
• 1st place: Eleanor Bennett, Noa Biener, and Lucy Benavides of Shorewood, WI for “Coltan: A Conflict Mineral”
• 2nd place: Vedika Amin of Mumbai, India for “Compassion and Integration Can Solve the Refugee Crisis”

Want to participate next year?

Integrating the video contest into your classroom

The contest serves as a great small group or individual student project. On the contest website, you’ll find a lesson plan to help you seamlessly use the videos as a classroom assignment as well as background resources for your students’ research.

“This was an amazing opportunity for my students to use what we study in geography and apply it to the real world outside of the walls of the classroom. They are so motivated for this project and I fully intend to continue this annually because of the incredible value it has for their learning.”
—Teacher, Shorewood WI

The World of 7 Billion video contest is a great fit for: general Social Studies and Science classes, Biology, Global Studies, Media Literacy/Communications, AP Human Geography, AP Environmental Science, and more!

More about the World of 7 Billion contest

Now in its 7th year, nearly 11,000 student-made videos on the impacts of population have been created as a direct result of the contest. Thousands of students are now more aware of the vast connections between population and so many of today’s pressing global challenges.