“World of 7 Billion” Student Video Contest

Teachers around the globe have been using the World of 7 Billion student video contest to promote global learning and provide an opportunity for students to practice 21st century skills.

“I found the video project a great way to learn about technology and video editing, while simultaneously making changes to the world for the better!”
— Student contest participant

Who: 6th - 12th graders worldwide

What: Students create a short solution-orientated video connecting human population growth to one of three global challenges. the 2021-2020 topics will be announced Sept. 1, 2021.

Agriculture & Food
Ocean Health

When: Contest opened on September 1, 2021. Submission deadline is February 22, 2022.


Visit www.Worldof7Billion.org/student-video-contest for full contest details.

Integrating the Video Contest into Your Classroom

The contest serves as a great small group or individual student project. On the contest website, you’ll find a lesson plan to hep you seamlessly use the video contest as a classroom assignment as well as background resources and a scaffolded Organizer for your students.

“This was an amazing opportunity for my students to use what we study in geography and apply it to the real world outside of the walls of the classroom. They are so motivated for this project and I fully intend to continue this annually because of the incredible value it has for their learning.”
—Teacher, Shorewood WI

The World of 7 Billion video competition is a great fit for: general Social Studies and Science classes, Biology, Global Studies, Media Literacy/Communications, AP Human Geography, AP Environmental Science, and more!

Now in its 11th year, over 21,000 student-made videos on the impacts of population have been created as a direct result of the contest. Thousands of students are now more aware of the vast connections between population and so many of today’s pressing global challenges. Watch last year’s winners now!