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Grades 6-8, 9-12

Connecting the Dots

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45 minutes

SUBJECTS: Social Studies

TOPICS: Population Density, U.S. Population Trends/History

Resource Overview

Students create a population density map of the United States to visually represent how density has increased and how the country’s population has redistributed since the year 1800.

Students will be able to:
  • Create a state-level density map of the U.S. from 1800 to the present and forecasted to 2040.
  • Analyze population density and migration by observing historical data.
  • Make correlations between the nation’s geography and population settlement patterns.
  • Interpret a county-level population density map of the United States.
US Capitol building

Features of This Resource

  • Lesson plan utilizes students’ mapping skills
  • Students identify trends and patterns between time periods
  • Great lesson for teaching about U.S. history and U.S. geography

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