Lesson Plan

Grades 6-8

Looking to the Future: A 2020 Vision for 2070

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Several class periods

SUBJECTS: Language Arts, Social Studies

TOPICS: Global Change, Multiple Connections, Multiple Connections

Resource Overview

After conducting research on one specific environmental, social, or demographic topic in the United States, students write an essay about predictions for their topic in the year 2070 and support their claims with logical evidence.

Students will be able to:
  • Conduct research using reputable sources that represent a variety of perspectives.
  • Synthesize research to develop three logical predictions, or claims, about the future of a specific topic in the U.S.
  • Write an essay that clearly explains their predictions, outlines researched evidence to support their claims, and discusses possible ways to achieve improvement in their chosen topic area.
Students write a letter to their future self to imagine what their life, and the world, will be like 50 years from now

Features of This Resource

  • Students must recognize and use reputable sources that represent a variety of perspectives
  • Students practice synthesizing research to formulate a claim and defend their claim with evidence
  • Writing assignment for a sustainable future

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