Population Information

The following graphics provide background information on population trends, environmental impacts and quality of life issues.


World of 7 Billion Graphics

Fifteen full-page color infographics illustrating global issues and trends as world population reached 7 billion in 2011. Charts and graphs include the following: global population projections; the demographic transition; carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption; ocean dead zones and coral reefs; tropical rainforest cover; meat and paper consumption; water shortages; ecological footprints; global undernourishment; health; women's education and fertility; population pyramids.


U.S. Comparisons Graphics

Thirteen full-page color graphics illustrating how the United States compares to other countries in regards to total population, pollution, water and oil consumption, wealth, and teen pregnancy rates. Other graphics show trends within the United States including population growth over time, wealth disparities, trash creation, immigration, house size and family size. 

J-Curve of Human Population Growth

Graph of population growth over time, illustrating the exponential growth of humans from 1 C.E. to the present.


Population History Chart

Table showing statistical milestones in the history of human population growth. Provides the year marks for when we reached each additional billion and the years elapsed since the previous billion.