Rack of fast fashion t-shirts at a clothing store
Personal consumption case study reading: Examine how fast fashion (like H&M, Zara, Shein, etc.) impacts the environment...
A 1950s black and white photo shows a double decker bus parked on a London street in a cloud of smog.
Air pollution case study reading: Examine the impact of sulfuric smog in London from the Industrial Age...
Students investigate a provided set of graphs on current economic, environmental, and health trends in the USA.
Members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, indigos right advocates and environmental activist participate in a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline in Washington, D.C., 2017
Explore the human - environment relationship from early U.S. settlements to climate activism.
People ride e-scooters, a new means of transportation in the United States today
Trace the history of U.S. transportation from horsedrawn carriages to our present car culture.
Frozen TV dinners were a popular food trend in the U.S. in the mid-1900s
Survey of U.S. food trends - where it's from, how it’s prepared, and who has access.
Journey through the history of schooling in the U.S.from the early 1800s to today.
12-year-old girl working at spooling in a West Texas cotton mill in 1913
History of U.S. work from agrarian roots through the Industrial Revolution to today's gig economy.

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"The activities not only bring out important content, but they also provide real-world context for environmental, population and sustainability issues. They engage participants in very thought-provoking and critical-thinking discussions.”

Helen de la Maza, Environmental Educator, Irvine, CA