Set of 3 lessons and 2 readings cover global health issues with real-world data and case studies.
Set of 2 lessons and 2 readings on our consumption choices and the larger implications of consumerism.
Set of 2 lessons and 2 readings cover issues of ocean health and management, including oil spills.
Set of 3 lessons and 2 readings on wide range of energy issues at the local and...
Set of 2 lessons and 3 readings on outdoor and indoor air pollution.
Set of 2 lessons and 2 readings on biodiversity issues, endangered animals, and extinction rates.
Set of 8 lessons and 3 readings cover demographics, migration, and historic global population growth.
Earth Matters is an online lesson plan library for high school environmental science and geography teachers
High school lessons cover global interdependence in ways students find meaningful and relatable.
The student contest challenges students to create a short video that connects human population growth with one...

PopEd Impact

64,000 educators trained
325 college
32,000 workshops conducted

"The activities not only bring out important content, but they also provide real-world context for environmental, population and sustainability issues. They engage participants in very thought-provoking and critical-thinking discussions.”

Helen de la Maza, Environmental Educator, Irvine, CA