Students reaching for poker chips in Tragedy of the Commons simulation
In a simulation, students desiring to draw renewable resources from a common pool determine short-term consumption strategies...
Spanish/English lessons for 6 - 12th grade teachers cover sustainability and population change
Cartogram map of global population
This packet of lesson plan accompanies the World Population Map – a population cartogram. It is made...
Packet of 2021 Earth Day lesson plans for 9th – 12th grades. Free to download! The 2021...
Image of hand-written census page from 1900 U.S. Census in Wilmington Delaware
Students examine historic census data to investigate U.S. family size over time.
Students use Google Maps to explore transit options and calculate emissions
Students use Google Maps to strategize urban transit and determine the costs/benefits travel choices.
Age diagrams for Tanzania, Peru and Norway show different population growth rates and different stages of the DTM.
Three real-world pyramids compare different shapes and different growth rates.
Population Lesson Plans for NCERT Science and Geography is a set of lesson plans for teachers in...
Screenshot of video lesson plan "Demographically Divided World" with examples with countries in different DTM Stages
In small groups, students explore changes in regional fertility rates and life expectancy trends over time and...

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