6-8, 9-12

U.S. Population and Projection (1790-2050) infographic

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SUBJECTS: Math, Social Studies

TOPICS: Math - Population Growth Curves, U.S. Population Trends/History

Line graph displays the population of the United States from its founding in 1790, to present, and projected U.S. growth through 2050. The U.S. population reach 100 million around 1920, reached 200 million in the late 1960s, and reached 300 million in 2006. The population of the United States in 2020 is 332 million and it is projected to grow to 388 million by 2050.

Data is from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Graphic produced as part of the 330 Million in the USA lesson packet.

Graph of U.S. population growth from 4 million in 1790 to 332 million in 2020 and projection to reach 388 million by 2050

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