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What determines the shape of a population pyramid?

A population pyramid graphically displays the age and gender make-up of a population. As we explained in our post ‘What… Read more »


Summer Reading List: 15 Pop-Tastic Reads for 2014

Summer is upon us! Already a week into the season, there is no time to waste in compiling your optimistic,… Read more »

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The Westward Shift of U.S. Population

The U.S. population has changed dramatically over the past 200 years. Not only has our total population drastically grown (from… Read more »


Humans and Wolves: Co-existence for healthier ecosystems

Ever since I started volunteering at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center in Divide, Colorado, I have been passionate about… Read more »

Five ways to take learning outside

As we’re approaching the end of the school year and the start of summer vacation, learning doesn’t need to stop!… Read more »


Weather versus Climate: What is the difference?

The earth is warming, scientists tell us. Yet many of us in North America experienced one of the harshest winters… Read more »

Small Islands and Climate Change: World Environment Day 2014

June 5th marks this year’s World Environment Day (WED). It is sponsored by the United Nations to encourage awareness on… Read more »


Education: The Solution for Feeding the World

We recently highlighted on our blog the National Geographic article, “Feeding Nine Billion,” and proposed that the article would have… Read more »

The Water Crisis in South Sudan

The nation of Sudan has had a long history of conflict and civil war, uprooting millions and impeding development. Continuing… Read more »

Climate Change – student video contest winners

The recently released National Climate Assessment highlighted the results of climate research from hundreds of scientists and spoke the message… Read more »