Classroom-Ready Resources for Earth Day

Resources have been updated: Check out our new lesson plan packets for Earth Day 2021, linked below!

Next week is Earth Day – are you ready? If not, never fear because PopEd has you covered. Our Earth Day Resource Packets each include a topical age-appropriate reading as well as classroom lesson plans that will bring environmental concepts to life for your students.

So you teach in an Elementary School? No problem! The Elementary Earth Day Resources packet includes activities encouraging students to think critically about the environment and their impacts on the world around them while also building key skills in math, science, social studies, and language arts. One reading and five lesson plans are included.

Oh, you’re a Middle School teacher. In that case, the Middle School Earth Day Resources packet is for you. One reading and four hands-on/minds-on lesson plans will promote critical thinking and group problem solving coving a variety of human-environmental interactions. And all while making connections across the curriculum.

High School? Yep, we have resources for you too! The High School Earth Day Resources packet includes more depth on specific issues (ocean health, the toll of agricultural land use, carbon emissions/climate change) and includes current information on global trends and national/international policies. One background reading, one case study reading, three lesson plans, and a video link with companion text are included.