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Water Resources (People & the Planet unit)



Downloadable unit from the People and the Planet curriculum. With your purchase, you will receive the unit’s student background reading, four lesson plans, and summative assessment.

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Background Reading: The Human Footprint: Water

Unit Lesson Plans:

Water, Water Everywhere: Students observe a brief demonstration on the distribution of the world’s water and then calculate how much water they use on a daily basis, both directly and indirectly.

Who Polluted the Potomac?: Through an interactive story, students experience the pollution of a local river over time and propose methods to protect the river from current and future pollution.

Like Oil and Water: Students make observations about a simulated oil spill and then use the engineering design process to create and test potential solutions for cleaning up oil spills and rehabilitating marine birds.

Almighty Aquifers: Students participate in a game that mimics the relationship between population growth and aquifer depletion.

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