Hidden impact in the world’s oceans

Relatively speaking, the world’s oceans are an ecosystem that humans have discovered little about and remain one of the last frontiers of exploration. We harvest many natural resources from our seas and unsustainable fishing practices are pushing numerous fish species to the brink of collapse. The warming of the oceans affects coral, algae, and plankton and puts them at risk of dying out, impacting species up and down the food chain. The effects that humans have on our oceans are not as transparent to us as the impacts we can see in other environments.

South Korea’s Demographic Dividend: A Success Story

In our blog post “What is the Demographic Dividend?” we explored the benefits that may result when a country’s age structure changes due to falling birth rates. But keep in mind that while lower fertility is a precondition for the demographic dividend to happen, the actual benefits are largely dependent on a country’s social, economic, and political environment.

A Look at South Korea’s Demographic Transition

Pop Ed Leadership Institute on the California Coast

There may be no prettier setting than where we found ourselves last weekend – the Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, a stretch of California State coastline just a stone’s throw from the tony Pebble Beach golf course and 17-mile drive. While the rest of the country sweated through record heat, we enjoyed three days of leadership training amid chilly breezes and fog that would burn off just in time to reveal dazzling sunsets.