Why Host a PopEd Pre-Service Workshop?

Over the past five years, Population Education has facilitated over 1,800 workshops for college and university pre-service classes in North America. That comes as no surprise to us. These days more than ever, education professors are looking for high-quality professional development to prepare their students for the rigors of classroom teaching in the 21st century. Professors agree that our workshops fit the bill.

How does overgrazing cause desertification?

In the film, “Hope in a Changing Climate,” reviewed last month, there is a discussion of overgrazing leading to soil desertification. But how does this happen? When livestock eat plants down to the roots, the plants grow short, unsustainable roots and eventually, the plants will stop growing altogether. This leaves large open areas with no vegetation where the soil is exposed to the elements.

Why is it important to preserve native vegetation?

While the perfect green lawn is the envy of many American homes and businesses, there are numerous benefits to restoring native vegetation to our green spaces. Our film review of “Hope in a Changing Climate” mentioned that native vegetation is vital to an ecosystem’s health. Plants thrive in the ecosystems in which they evolved as they are adapted to the specific climate and precipitation patterns, and thus require fewer inputs (such as fertilizer and irrigation) than non-native species.

5 New Year's Resolutions for the Planet

The New Year is when many people commit to making positive lifestyle changes, from adopting an exercise plan to spending more time with family and friends. This year, the Population Education staff is also creating "eco-resolutions" that will help us reconnect with nature and have a positive effect on the planet. Here’s our 2014 resolutions:

Hope in a Changing Climate – Film Review

It’s easy to feel hopeless about the impacts of our rapidly changing climate. So, it was refreshing to view a documentary on successful programs can help revitalize local environments to mitigate global warming. “Hope in a Changing Climate,” narrated by John Liu and co-produced by The Open University and the Environmental Education Media Project, is a short film that provides several intriguing examples of community projects that benefit people and the environment.