5 Climate Activities for Earth Day 2017

Just because there are vocal climate change deniers (even leading top government agencies) that doesn’t make climate science debatable. More than 9 in 10 climate scientists are adamant about the facts. Climate change is real. This climate change is largely a result of human numbers and actions. If we don’t do something to lessen greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, our planet will become less and less habitable for many species, including ours.

Lessons from the Chesapeake

Whenever I facilitate teacher workshops close to home, conversation often turns to the Chesapeake Bay. It’s not only our local estuary here in the DC area, but also the largest estuary in the country, fed by 50 rivers and streams in six states and home to 18 million people. Beloved by boaters, fishermen, nature and seafood enthusiasts, the Chesapeake has also taught us about the effects of pollution on a vital watershed.

East Los High: More than TV Drama

What happens when health workers and social scientists team up with creatives? Quality TV is what happens.

There has always been conversation about the high rates of teen pregnancies in black and Latino households. And although we are seeing a steady decline in the rates at which all teen populations in the US have unwanted pregnancies, these rates still remain highest among Latino youth.