Teaching Population is an online lesson plan library for K-12 teachers on population, sustainability and global studies
"Best of" library of readings and lesson plans with interactive methods for all subject areas.
Packet of lessons on the demographic, social and environmental trends that have shaped the USA
Set of 14 lesson plans and 6 readings on U.S. population history and trends.
Set of 9 lessons and 1 reading covers demographic concepts like birth/death rate, carrying capacity, and density.
Set of 6 lessons and 1 reading link students’ decisions today with short- and long-term outcomes.
Set of 4 lessons and 1 reading covers historic events related to population size and future projections.
Set of 6 lessons and 1 reading on the differences and inequities in global wealth, education, health...
Home to the annual ‘World of 7 Billion’ student video contest. The contest challenges students to create...
Colorful, informative poster makes the perfect classroom wall decoration – it inspires conversations and questions. What historic...
Infographic shows the number of people living in urban areas vs rural areas from 1950 to today and projected to 2050
Number of people living in urban areas vs rural areas starting in 1950 and projected to 2050.

PopEd Impact

64,000 educators trained
325 college
32,000 workshops conducted

"The activities not only bring out important content, but they also provide real-world context for environmental, population and sustainability issues. They engage participants in very thought-provoking and critical-thinking discussions.”

Helen de la Maza, Environmental Educator, Irvine, CA