Students reaching for poker chips in Tragedy of the Commons simulation
In a simulation, students desiring to draw renewable resources from a common pool determine short-term consumption strategies...
Spanish/English lessons for 6 - 12th grade teachers cover sustainability and population change
Packet of 2023 Earth Day lesson plans for 6 – 8th grades is free to download! Perfect...
Cartogram map of global population
This lesson plans linked below accompany the World Population Map, a population cartogram. Population Squared is an...
Set of 4 lessons and 1 reading on water pollution, use of fresh water, and solutions for...
Set of 5 lessons and 1 reading on consumption choices and waste, encouraging plans to reduce pollution.
Population Lesson Plans for NCERT Science and Geography is a set of lesson plans for teachers in...
Screenshot of video lesson plan "Pop Ecology Files" comparing two different population growth curves
Students graph and interpret growth curves for six mystery species and humans.
Screenshot of video lesson plan "Population Future" showing projected world population in 2100
Students interpret a graph showing global population projections through 2100, then create gridded bar graphs to represent...

PopEd Impact

64,000 educators trained
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32,000 workshops conducted

"The activities not only bring out important content, but they also provide real-world context for environmental, population and sustainability issues. They engage participants in very thought-provoking and critical-thinking discussions.”

Helen de la Maza, Environmental Educator, Irvine, CA