A secondary reading that provides an overview of world population trends and lifestyles around the world. (Reading...
Colorful paperdolls
Students multiply ratios, divide units of time, and subtract death rates from birth rates to calculate population...
Elementary students can turn trash into treasure by reusing old items in the classroom activity Waste Not Want Not
Students identify ways to reduce solid waste by reusing items that might be disposed of in a...
Elementary and middle school students take part in an interactive story about river pollution
Through an interactive story, students experience the pollution of a local river over time and propose methods...
Watch human population grow from 1 CE to present and see projected growth in under six minutes....
Through a short-story and discussion about teen pregnancy, and by interpreting a graph about global literacy and...
US Capitol building
Students create a population density map of U.S. population over time, from 1800 to today.
The average American generates 4.4 pounds of solid waste each day
Six cards that compare resource use in the United States and worldwide.
Students write a letter to their future self to imagine what their life, and the world, will be like 50 years from now
Students write about predictions of a U.S. environmental, social, or demographic topic in 2070.

PopEd Impact

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"The activities not only bring out important content, but they also provide real-world context for environmental, population and sustainability issues. They engage participants in very thought-provoking and critical-thinking discussions.”

Helen de la Maza, Environmental Educator, Irvine, CA