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Sharing a Small World


Downloadable packet of 9 engaging activities that build young learners' skills in reading and number sense, while promoting environmental stewardship and the importance of community.

World of 7 Billion


World population reached seven billion in 2011 and Population Education debuted some new teaching activities to mark the occasion.

A Quick Trip to 7 Billion

** Item is out of print, available on-line only **

Nuestro Mundo, Nuestro Futuro (Our World, Our Future)


This bi-lingual flip book includes 7 of our favorite activities in English and Spanish. A must for the bi-lingual classroom or ESOL students.

300 Million in the USA


Discover 14 free, downloadable activities on U.S. population trends over the past 200 years, as well as international comparisons.

The History of Population Growth (People & the Planet Unit)


In this downloadable unit, students learn about historic events that impacted population size and discover how our numbers are projected to change in the future.