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Population Education materials fit seemlessly into the AP Human Geography CED. Lessons are, of course, especially great for unit 2: Population and Migration Patterns and Processes. PopEd activities cover age structure diagrams, fertility and mortality rates, the demographic transition model , and more. And because our growing population impacts a lot about the world around us, PopEd also has resources for teaching APHG units 5, 6, and 7 with activities covering topics like urbanization, environmental impacts of agricultural practices, and the role of women in a changing world.

Lesson Plans for AP Human Geography

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A Woman’s Place

Through an article, video, simulation game, and small group research, students explore factors that influence women’s fertility decisions in countries... Read more »

Students draw age structure diagrams for six countries and discuss the three general shapes of population pyramids
Power of the Pyramids

Students use real-world data to construct and interpret population pyramids and discuss differences in population growth rates among several different... Read more »

Demographically Divided World

In small groups, students explore changes in regional fertility rates and life expectancy trends over time and discuss how factors... Read more »

Food for Thought

Acting as residents of five major world regions, students compare various statistics that affect people’s health and well-being. Students will... Read more »

Apple slices represent different areas of the Earth: water, inhospitable land, used arable land, and arable land for farming
Earth: The Apple of Our Eye (high school)

An apple is sliced into pieces to model the current amount of agricultural land on Earth. Then students read an... Read more »

Peopling of Our Planet

Students watch the video “World Population” and participate in guided exploration of an online timeline to explore how improvements in... Read more »

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Interactive Web Tools and More for APHG

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World Population History website

Interactive map of world population growth with annotated population "dots," data overlays, and thematic timelines.

Graph shows connection between fertility and education by comparing nine countries' TFR with mean years of schooling
Women’s Education and Fertility infographic

Graph displays the fertility rate and mean years of schooling for nine countries.

A man wearing a blue jacket and black pants and boots sits in a chair with his legs crossed on top of a stool and reads a newspaper
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Bar graph shows the population size for the ten most populous countries on the planet
10 Most Populous Countries infographic

Bar graph shows the populations of the 10 most populous countries. The top 10 most populous countries are: China, India,... Read more »

Teacher participates in an online training workshop from Population Education
Online Graduate Course

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Cartogram map of global population
World Population Map poster

Cartogram poster provides students a unique view of the Earth – the size of each country is shown in proportion to its population, rather than its land mass.

AP Human Geography Articles

Read these informative APHG articles yourself or share directly with your APHG students

Indian bride being taken to the altar by her brothers
What Factors Affect the Total Fertility Rate, or TFR?

This post will examine four factors that influence the total fertility rate (TFR), including a female’s age when she has... Read more »

What is the Demographic Transition Model?

This is post 1 of 6 in a series about the Demographic Transition Model – a fundamental concept in population... Read more »

Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria - A view under bridge of Ojuelegba
Examining Tokyo and Lagos: How Urbanization Looks in Megacities

In 2018, nearly seven percent of the global population lived in megacities, or cities with more than ten million residents.... Read more »

Pyramid and sphinx in Egypt.
A Timeline of the Three Major Agricultural Revolutions in History

The world’s food systems have been influenced greatly by unexpected changes – both big and small – throughout history. Among... Read more »

Graph of the five stages of the Demographic Transition Model
Limitations of the Demographic Transition Model (DTM)

The Demographic Transition Model (DTM) predicts changing birth, death, and population growth rates as countries industrialize. As a model, it... Read more »

A population pyramid for South Korea shows population by age cohort and gender
What Is a Negative, or Top-Heavy, Population Pyramid?

The term “population pyramid” is a catch-all phrase to describe all age-sex distribution graphs that depict a population’s demographic structure.... Read more »