Curriculum and Resources

Population Education offers teaching materials for K-12 including lesson plans, background readings for students and teachers, wall charts and our ever-popular video animation, World Population.

Our teaching activities are developed to be age-appropriate and adhere to current state and national standards for a variety of disciplines. All of Population Education’s teaching resources employ innovative, hands-on activities. We believe a hands-on interactive approach to teaching always makes lessons more memorable and stimulates critical thinking and discussion. Our lessons are interdisciplinary and well suited for a cooperative learning environment.


All Population Education lesson plans have been matched to the content standards that are required in K-12 classrooms. This includes the Common Core standards in math and English language arts, the Next Generation Science Standards, and all 50 states’ versions of these or their individual guidelines. Lessons are also matched to the Canadian provincial standards as well as the course curricula for AP Human Geography and AP Environmental Science.

Read more about PopEd connections to the NGSS and lesson plans for specific standards on our blog series How to Meet the Next Generation Science Standards with Population Education.