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D=Demographic Concepts; E=Environmental Connections; S=Societal Connections
PDF Description Curriculum
7 Billion: Where do you Stand? W7B
A Demographically Divided World WPH
A Drop in the Ocean Activity: A visual demonstration shows the limited sources of food available from the ocean and a following discussion concerns how to more sustainably manage our ocean food supply. EM, Oceans
A Girl's Life W7B
A Moving Message - Pop Videos Activity: Students write, film and edit a short video that connects human population growth to one other global challenge and offer their idea for a sustainable solution. W7B
A Quick Trip to 7 Billion: Exploring the Timeline Activity: Through group discussion and individual work, students explore how the events of our past have contributed to a world of 7 billion. (A companion activity to 'A Quick Trip to 7 Billion' poster) W7B
A Quick Trip to 7 Billion: Where Do We Grow From Here? Activity: Through individual and group work, students investigate how our numbers shape the world around us and how our actions today will impact our future population growth. (A companion activity to 'A Quick Trip to 7 Billion' poster) W7B
A Report Card for the Planet Activity: Students use the poster, 'A Quick Trip to 7 Billion,' to examine changes in human well-being and environmental health over the past 200 years, and then discuss what the changes mean for our global family. (A companion activity to 'A Quick Trip to 7 Billion' poster) W7B
A Woman's Place EM, Women, TP
A World of Difference: Madagascar Activity: In small group simulations, students compare the biodiversity of a temperate forest to that of a tropical rainforest and explore the role humans play in forests' diversity. COP