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D=Demographic Concepts; E=Environmental Connections; S=Societal Connections
PDF Description Curriculum
Urbanization and the Megacity WPH
Waste in the Big Apple Reading: Solid waste case study reading: This case study examines New York City's waste management challenges and strategies to contain the trash. EM, Solid Waste
Water Wars: Resources and Conflict in the Middle East Reading: Water resources case study reading: Most countries in the turbulent Middle East face water scarcity problems, leading to increased conflict among nations, as this case study examines. EM, Water
What a Waste! Reading: Solid waste background reading: How do we deal with the growing problem of solid waste? This reading provides an overview of waste disposal options and the need for waste reduction. EM, Solid Waste
What are People's Basic Needs? COP
What is a Population? COP
Why do People Need Space? Reading: An elementary-level reading that discusses our needs for personal and ecological space. COP
Women's Status and Fertility WPH
Women: The Critical Link Reading: The global status of women background reading: Gender discrimination hurts women, their families and their communities. Read about the links between women's status and education, health, fertility rates and the environment. EM, Women
You're One in Seven Billion! P&P