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D=Demographic Concepts; E=Environmental Connections; S=Societal Connections
PDF Description Curriculum
Catch It If You Can Activity: Students mimic the spread of disease by exchanging liquids in test tubes and calculating the attack rate. EM, Health
Catching Pollution Activity: Students "catch" pollution (particulate matter) on prepared cards to see the environmental and health-related consequences of our transportation habits and then visualize how much carbon is being put into the atmosphere per driver each day. COP
Changing Values Activity: Students examine principles of growth that have traditionally been held in North America and determine whether they have changed in recent years. EM, Economics
Chips of Trade Activity: Acting as countries in a simulation game, students discuss how resources are inequitably distributed throughout the world and how this imbalance motivates trade. P&P, TP, W7B, PP-Global-Family
Clearing the Air Activity: Students find news articles about air pollution and create a class chart depicting the causes and effects of air pollution and possible solutions. EM, Air Pollution
Code Blue: Endangered Oceans Activity: Through an interactive story, students experience the pollution and overharvesting of the oceans over time and critically examine ways in which to protect and manage our oceans worldwide. EM, Oceans, TP
Comparing Needs and Wants Activity: Students identify items presented to them as needs or wants and create a collage of images. COP
Connecting the Dots 300M
Creatures in Motion Activity: Students participate in physical but noncompetitive games that illustrate the challenges that arise when working as a large group. COP, TP
Crowding Can Be Seedy COP, TP