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D=Demographic Concepts; E=Environmental Connections; S=Societal Connections
PDF Description Curriculum
Slipping on Polar Ice Reading: Climate change case study reading: Will the polar bear be a victim of climate change? This case study examines changes to its Arctic habitat. EM, Climate Change
Sprawling Out of Control Reading: Urbanization background reading: Suburban sprawl in developed countries and the spread of urban slums in developing countries pose challenges to environmental and human health. EM, Urbanization
Sustainability 101: Colleges Lead the Way Reading: Energy case study reading: Read how campuses across the country are going "green" through a host of energy-efficient practices. EM, Energy
The Balance of Nature P&P
The Economics of Sustainability Reading: Sustainable economics background reading: Some economists have promoted "ecological economics," challenging the idea that growth is always good, especially when that growth depletes our "natural capital." EM, Economics
The History of Us

P&P, PP-History
The Human Footprint: Land

P&P, PP-Land
The People Connection EM, Population Dynamics
To Our Health Reading: Global health background reading: Explore how stresses to our global environment affect public health and nature's potential to cure human disease. EM, Health
Troubled Water Reading: Water resources background reading: The demand for fresh water increases as our population grows, yet many around the world still lack access to clean water and modern sanitation. This reading explores water supply and contamination issues here and around the world. EM, Water