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D=Demographic Concepts; E=Environmental Connections; S=Societal Connections
PDF Description Curriculum
Habitat Scramble Activity: In a role-playing simulation, students act as species in a habitat trying to survive by collecting cards that represent all of the essential habitat services - water, soil, shelter, space, air, and food. COP
Helping Hands Activity: Students read and discuss a story about people coming together to help one another, and then work to plan a school event to help others in their community. COP
Hill of Beans EM, Rich&Poor, TP, 300M
How Many Fish in the Sea? Activity: Students estimate a fish population (using goldfish crackers on a flat surface) by sampling. COP, TP
How Much Space Do We Need? Activity: Through research and analysis of their consumption of renewable resources, students measure the amount of land that they would need to support themselves. MPDR, TP
If Money Won't Buy It ... Activity: Students participate in a budgeting activity to weigh everyday actions against their environmental impact. P&P, PP-Sustain-Future
If the World Were an Apple/Si el mundo fuera una manzana NM
Illustrating Birth and Death Rates PopMap
In Search of Sustainable Life Activity: Students develop an index of the ten factors they identify as most important to a sustainable community and develop models for measuring those factors. EM, Urbanization, P&P, PP-Sustain-Future
In The News: Research for Tomorrow Activity: Through planning, writing, and performing a news telecast, students use information from current events articles to create fact-based predictions about what their futures might look like. P&P, PP-Sustain-Future